I’m excited to introduce…

The first blog for the LACM student blog page. This blog page will allow people from all over the world get an insight into the life of a student at LACM. Call it a venting platform, which will also allow students to express their successes and challenges of the week or just share a piece of information. As LACM has weekly shows, masterclasses and interesting lessons, this blog page can be an open book of information that will interest and excite others whilst keeping them in the loop about LACM life.

Coming from Sydney Australia, I had just finished my degree in PR and Advertising and was all ready to run to the other side of the world to do what I truly believe I was born to do. Yes I got a degree, I made the parents proud but I knew I needed to do something risk taking and adventurous whilst exploring my true passion for songwriting.  I knew I made the right decision when at orientation day at LACM, I got a flush of goosebumps with sheer excitement. I saw my skills as a songwriter develop through and through, I made friends for life from countries all over the globe. I learned guitar in 6 weeks, orchestrated a 6 piece band, performed in front of industry panelists and released an EP. None of which could be done without the education and assistance of LACM.

In Australia, I went to a large industrial university where I survived 3 years of being unnoticed and invisible. Once I came to LACM,  I couldn’t believe how much they genuinely cared about me and my future. They cared about what my business card should look like, how I should perfect my lyrical skills, the techniques of piano and theory and so much more. Everyday was a bucket load of important information that would assist me for my everyday life as a songwriter/ entrepreneur.

Yes it was hard, yes people were dropping like flies, yes I was stressed but this was only a little insight into the real world of the music industry. What was so crazy was that in Australia I felt so far away from all the action as a writer or a musician, “making it” seemed like a faraway task. However, at LACM I was meeting famous writers, meeting Beyonce’s lawyer, meeting the Madden Brothers and actually going to their studio as an excursion. Everything feels accessible in Los Angeles and less daunting. I graduated this month, as writer and was so amazed at the overall experience at LACM.

The school overall has a nurturing atmosphere, a multicultural and bilingual environment that broadened my mind about the outside world. I became more cultured and more educated and inspired everyday whilst doing what I absolutely love. My teachers became guardians and friends that cared for me and still do.

I can truly say it was the best decision I have made and now I’m ready to set foot into the real world and I’m not as scared as I thought I would be, because I actually know what to do.

All the best, 

Taylor Saul