Once you finish school, everyone immediately has that one thought “WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?”. It’s petrifying, I’ve been there, twice. You’re in instant panic because you’re going to wake up monday morning and not be able to know where on earth you will go and how will you work and be able to eat. Luckily at LACM they make it clear that although your course is over, your relationship at LACM isn’t. They not only provide you with career counselling, after school but they have artist development and entrance into masterclasses where you learn from the best. The school provides you practice spaces, mixing booth and opportunities that can encourage you to move on. They actually care about where you go after school and who you’ll become, actually they’ll even help you find a job.

Here are some examples of excelling alumni.

Recent graduate Sandro Cavazza recently cut two songs on the new Avicii album Stories. Sandro contributed as a writer for tracks “Sunset Jesus” and “Gonna Love Ya,” where his voice is also featured. Sandro is also an independent artist and will release his debut EP in 2016. Previously, he was the lead singer and songwriter of the band Bonavox, which he formed with fellow students while he was still studying at LACM. The video below interviews Sandro about the recent cuts, his time at LACM and about launching his own career as an independent artist

Brother – sister duo XYLØ is a Southern California indie pop group comprised of producer/drummer/songwriter Chase Duddy (31) and his younger sister, vocalist/songwriter Paige Duddy (21). Mixing melodic, dark, lustful vocals with an atmospheric blend of indie rock, electronica, and dirty hip-hop beats, XYLØ has drawn early comparisons to the likes of Lorde and Lana Del Rey. Their songs have garnered millions of streams as well as critical praise from Zane Lowe, Complex Magazine, LA Weeklyand The Guardian. Although the band was launched only one year ago, XYLØ has already amassed a global fan base.

Bass alumnus Jonathan Herrera has built a multifaceted career around his instrument that includes over a decade of work as a music journalist for Bass Player Magazine, while also maintaining an active career as a performer. Jonathan has performed with Oz Noy, Cathy Richardson, Zigaboo Modeliste, Garaj Mahal, Miguel Migs, MoeTar and many other bands, but has made himself more competitive for gigs by becoming a multi-instrumentalist. Jonathan performs on bass, synth bass, guitar and keyboards, and his flexibility as a performer has opened up a number of new opportunities for him, including a new gig with rising indie band Cathedrals.