Being chosen as a student in a selective school makes you instantly feel a sense of pride, and so you should. Schools can encourage applications as much as they want but at the end of the day, only people who the school believes deserve it, will be chosen. These are the people the school would want to say “they came here” and be proud of it. As a result, not so many people are chosen as songwriters, singers, guitar players etc because they don’t reach the standard the school has raised for over 20 years. This isn’t viewed as a negative thing. At LACM you’re able to receive one on one interactions with leading members of the music industry that truly look out for your future and want to perfect your skills.

Our programs create, enhance and encourage creativity on stage and in the classroom. Through one-on-one communication with award winning faculty, our school fosters a musical community which strategically develops careers with longevity. You don’t get lost amongst the crowd, you get noticed. You make real friends that you spend everyday with, that inspire you and that are most likely from a place in the world you would never think to visit. The intimacy at LACM protects your skills, nurtures your talent and enables you to feel supported in embarking a journey into an intimidating industry.

As a result, you genuinely feel like a survivor once you’ve finished your course, take it from me, I was student from Australia that flew over to study songwriting. I was placed in a class of 7 people that dwindled down to 4. LACM provided me an eye into the industry, teaching me that its hard work and that you need passion and persistence to endure everyday life. The teachers knew me for me, was aware of my daily improvements, perfected my skills and educated me on how to ‘make it’ or ‘survive’ the tumultuous industry.