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"The drum major program at LACM focuses on the essentials, which are learning your instrument and learning to play with others"

Ralph Humphrey

Drum Department Head

  • Focuses your studies on learning your instrument and on learning to play with others
  • Improves motor skills, technique and sound, presents contemporary rhythm concepts
  • Develops a wide range of repertoire across all style and modern studio recording skills
  • LACM prepares you for the music industry and what goes beyond school.
  • Music Business subject allows one to learn the fundamentals of business models and more
Drum Program Catalog

Drum Faculty

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Drum Application Requirements

  1. General Admissions Requirements
  2. A video demonstrating one (1) example of ensemble playing either with a live band or a minus-one play-along track (2 – 5 minutes)
  3. A video example demonstrating the following rudiments:
    • Paradiddle
    • Hand to hand flams
    • Open double stroke roll
    • Closed or buzz roll
  4. A video example demonstrating your sight reading ability: Please record yourself reading one (1) of the following examples below. Please mind the tempo markings for examples 1 and 2. The tempo for example 3 is based on your ability.