July 24 - July 28

Application Deadline |  May 1, 2017

Apply Today


Move in: Sunday, July 23 from 9am – 12pm

All Program Check-in:  Monday, July 24 at 8 am

Monday – Friday: 9am – 9pm

Move out: Saturday, July 29 from 9am – 12pm

Tuition 2017

Week Tuition: $1745

Deposit: $300 (included in tuition)

Evening Activity: $50 (included in tuition)

Total Tuition with Dorm & Meal Plan: Coming Soon!

*Cancel fee: $500 – *Must cancel by May 1

Typical Day

Residential Program Attendees: Breakfast then shuttle

Instrument Specific Master Class: 9 am – 11 am

Big Band rehearsal #1: 11 am -12 pm

Lunch: on campus

Big Band rehearsal #2: 1:30 pm – 3 pm

Combo & Improv: 3 pm – 5 pm

Dinner: 5 pm – 6:30 pm

Evening Concert: 7 pm – 9 pm

There are three really good ways to get better as a musician.

One is to practice a lot, all day, and every day. That’ll do it.

Another is to get yourself a really good teacher, someone who challenges you and inspires you.

Another way is to play with people that are better than you are.

We can’t help you with suggestion 1, you pretty much have to commit to that one on your own. But we might be able to help with suggestions 2 and 3.  Because in July of 2017 Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat  Camp is coming to the Los Angeles College of Music, and we want you to be a part of it! You will be able to learn about jazz up close and personal with the members of the Grammy-winning Big Phat Band.  You’ll get valuable advice from master musicians like Wayne Bergeron, Eric Marienthal, Andy Martin and all the amazing musicians in the BPB. We’ll be covering big band ensemble concepts, improvisation and combo playing, instrument master classes, career advice and more. Plus, every night you’ll enjoy a private concert from some of best musicians that Los Angeles has to offer, including the Little Phat Band and the Big Phat Band. This is a valuable opportunity to grow as a musician, meet new friends and rub elbows with some of the best musicians in the world. What’s not to like! Slots for this awesome camp are limited so don’t delay! See you in July at Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Camp!

Gordon Goodwin

Having amassed 21 Grammy nominations, four statues and three Emmy wins, Gordon Goodwin is the most decorated big band leader in the 21st century. He is leader of Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, an internationally known ensemble with a reputation as one of the most exciting large ensembles in jazz.

The BPB has released seven critically acclaimed records, its most recent being Life in the Bubble, which garnered four Grammy Nominations, and won the Grammy for “Best Large Ensemble Album.”

Gordon’s composing for film and television has garnered him three Emmy Awards. He has written and worked with artists like Ray Charles, Christina Aguilera, Johnny Mathis, John Williams, Natalie Cole, David Foster, Sarah Vaughan, Mel Torme, and Quincy Jones, to name a few. His charts are played all over the world, and along with his method books and CDs, have been a robust source of inspiration and learning for thousands of young musicians.

Goodwin is the host of a popular new radio program called “Phat Tracks with Gordon Goodwin,” airing weekends on KJAZZ, America’s jazz and blues station. His newest recording “An Elusive Man” is due for release in fall 2016.

Faculty 2017


Eric Marienthal

Sal Lozano

Brian Scanlon

Jeff Driskill

Jay Mason


Wayne Bergeron

Dan Fornero

Willie Murillo

Dan Savant


Andy Martin

Charlie Morillas

Francisco Torres

Craig Gosnell


Kevin Axt


Andrew Synowiec


Joey DeLeon


Ray Brinker


Gordon Goodwin

Application & Audition Guidelines


Application Deadline |  May 1, 2017

Alto Sax

Advanced Level | Whodunnit?

Bars: 131-160 (Alto Sax 1 part)

Intermediate Level | Crunchy Frog

Bars: 9-50   (Alto Sax 1 part)

Tenor Sax

Advanced Level | Whodunnit?

Bars: 131-160 (Tenor Sax 1 part)

Intermediate Level | Crunchy Frog

Bars: 9-50 (Tenor Sax 1 part)

Baritone Sax

Advanced Level | Whodunnit?

Bars: 131-160 (Bari Sax part)

Intermediate Level | Crunchy Frog

Bars: 9-41 (Bari Sax part)


Advanced Level | Sing Sang Sung

Bars: 41-58; 171-197 (Tpt 1 part)

Intermediate Level | Work in Progress

Bars: 84-108 (Tpt 1 part)


Advanced Level | La Almeja Pequena

Bars: 19 -56( Trb 1 part)

Intermediate Level | Crunchy Frog

Bars: 21-25; 97-108 (Trb 1 part)


Advanced LevelRippin ‘n Runnin’

Bars:  1-41 (Keyboard part)

 Intermediate Level |Crunchy Frog

Bars: 1-41  (Keyboard part)

Electric Bass

 Advanced Level |Rippin ‘n Runnin’

Bars: 9-41 (Bass part)

 Intermediate Level |Crunchy Frog

Bars: 1-41 (Bass part)

Acoustic Bass

 Advanced Level |Sing Sang Sung

Bars: 1-65 (Bass part)

 Intermediate Level |Work in Progress

Bars: 1 -60 (Bass part)


Advanced Level |Rippin ‘n Runnin’

Bars: 9-41 (Guitar part)

Intermediate Level | Crunchy Frog

Bars: 1-4 (Guitar part)


Advanced Level |Sing Sang Sung

Bars: 1-65 (Drums part)

Intermediate Level |Crunchy Frog

Bars: 1-41 (Drums part)