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"LACM’s technique-building courses and ensemble workshops prime emerging guitarists for real-world success."

Adam Levy

Guitar Department Head

      • The Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in history but is also one of the hardest instruments to master.
      • Master a challenging combination of harmony, reading, rhythm playing, soloing, and accompaniment skill, along with access to a wide range of stylistic vocabulary.
      • Our Guitar Performance curriculum emphasizes all of these while still encouraging you to express your unique voice.
      • The centerpiece of your learning regimen is live performance in ensemble workshops virtually every day.
      • Unlike most other guitar programs, you will have access to some of the most eminent professional working guitarists in the world and learn to master both the stage and recording studio.
      • LACM prepares you for the music industry and what goes beyond school.
      • Therefore the course includes a Music Business subject which allows one to learn the fundamentals of business models and more.
Guitar Program Catalog

Guitar Faculty

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Guitar Application Requirements


— Play a B minor pentatonic scale, ascending and descending, in any position, using all six strings. Tempo: 8th notes at 60 BPM.

— Play an A major scale, ascending and descending, in any position, using all six strings. Tempo: 8th notes at 60 BPM.

CHORDS&READINGPlay at least one (1)of the following reading examples

— Play Ex. 1 using only first-position (open) chords. Tempo: 76 BPM

— Play Ex. 2 using only barre chords. Tempo: 80 BPM

— Play Ex. 3. Tempo: 72 BPM


— Play a 12-bar blues in the key of G, twice through, with a straight-8th feel. Tempo: 92 BPM.


— Solo over this 12-bar blues track in the key of A, using minor pentatonic scales and/or blues scales.